I'll Tumble For Ya' :: Dairy Queen Kermit: The Swamp Years Kid's Meal Toy

In 2002 Jim Henson Productions released a straight to video movie called Kermit: The Swamp Years. In the vein of Batman Begins and The Wonder Years, Kermit: The Swamp Years regaled audiences with the tale of a young Kermit and how he came to be.

Okay maybe no one has seen it or cares. but I cared, and I still have the DVD.

I did not know at the time that Dairy Queen also released a handful of premiums with their kid's meals to coincide with The Swamp Years.

I found a couple of the toys at the flea market the other day and had to get them for my intern. Especially this cute little tumbler toy. Hours of fun!

Place Kermit and his pal 'old whatshisname' at the top of the ramp and give them a little push and woowoowoo wammo!

You'd be surprised at the mileage a simple toy like this gets. My intern loves it!


  1. These give off an awesome vibe!

    1. Yeah, it's a very classic retro toy, surprising it's a simple kids meal premium!

  2. Man, no one gave me toys when I was an intern! The "real world" is a beautiful place for your intern!