Random Toy Pic: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

The shadow knows!

I was digging through some older Batman stuff  that's been boxed up in the garage for a while and came across one of my all time favorites. I couldn't resist taking this shadow picture of him - such crisp sharp lines!

In case you're wondering who this gentleman is...

Crimson Patrol Batman, from the 2006 'The Batman' toyline.

They didn't go full Azreal with this one, as it's simply Batman in CalTrans orange under that helmet (slow for the cone zone!) but still, what an awesome homage! I remember being shocked when I saw this guy on the shelf, I couldn't believe The Batman line was referencing the Knightfall storyline.


  1. Of all the variants and colors, this Is on that I could see him wearing everyday. That's a great color scheme. A black cape would set this figure off.

  2. My favorite was the red knightfall from the late nineties.

  3. You can at least guarantee he will not be shot by a hunter. Him or Generations Jhiaxus