Matchbox Sky Busters Batman v Superman Batwing (with special guest star The Bat)

With the 'gotta know it now' attitude of the internet, and all the world's toy knowledge contained therein at my fingertips, few toy releases sneak up on me anymore these days. So imagine my shock to discover the Matchbox Sky Busters Batman v Superman Batwing the other day just chillaxing on the pegs at Toys R Us.

The Sky Busters line are larger than your standard Matchbox/Hotwheels vehicle. Scale is of course all over the place as the vehicles are generally the same size regardless of vehicle type (a 747 is about the same size as a Cessna) but if you were to set this Batwing next to the Hotwheels version of the Batman v Superman Batmobile, you're probably in a pretty close ballpark for matching scale of the two vehicles.

Not only did I have no idea this thing existed or was set for release, but I didn't learn about it before actually seeing it in the wild, which is a refreshing change of pace as it means I did not spend any sleepless nights praying to the toy Gods that I'd find it on my next toy hunt. Nor did I have to put out the TAPB (Toy All Points Bulletin) to my fellow toy collectors to be on the lookout for me!

Not a bad looking Batwing, it looks like an actual bat as it hangs from a cave ceiling.

The Batwing is only die-cast on the top of the fuselage. The rest is plastic. It feels lighter than I expected it to be, but it still makes for a sturdy feeling toy vehicle. I think Toys R Us is charging $3.99 (or was it $4.99?) for these things, which is a fair price given the scale. The Batwing has landing gear which is permanently extended but the wheels do roll.

The Batman v Superman Batwing is undeniably recognizable as a Bat-vehicle and a fun addition to any collection or for any fan of The Batman, regardless of their thoughts on the movie itself.

The last time I was caught so unawares by Matchbox was when they released The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises. So I couldn't resist busting out The Bat for this photo shoot.

The Bat was and is an ugly thing that looks nothing like any proper Bat-vehicle, but I suppose it's become an icon in it's own right at this point.

As dumb as it looks, I am glad I found The Bat on the pegs back when it was released and am especially glad that the Matchbox Sky Busters line has actually continued with the Bat theme. Would it be too bold of me to hope for an '89 Batwing, or perhaps a Batman Animated Batwing in the Sky Busters line-up sometime in the future?

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  1. Now i actually like the Bat vs the Bat Wing but that is just me lol