Bootleg Funko POP Batman

I found this bootleg Funko POP Batman at the flea market and had to have him in all his cheap knock-off glory!

Funko POP!? More like Funky POOP! HAW HAW HAW!

Packaged in a simple little generic re-sealable bag, the vendor had a single Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America available. They were only a buck each, and I really should have bought all three, but with Christmas just past, and having already procured a handful of 'unnecessary' toys that I'd have to try and explain to the Mrs...well, I settled on bagging Batman alone.

Because Batman.
Unlike actual POPs, this bootleg is simply hollow plastic, and not made of vinyl.

He's flatter than a standard POP, and but for the cape, would be a single piece (unlike POPs who have movable heads.)

The bootleg is smaller in scale than your average POP as well. And obviously the paint apps are as ghetto as you can get (you should have seen the Captain America. I know, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT HIM TOO! And Spider-Man. I swear if I see them again I will.)

For all his flaws, well, bootlegs are supposed to be flawed aren't they? It's part of their charm. It's neat to see the iconic Funko POP aesthetic in bootleg form and I'm glad to have discovered this silly little Batman to add to my collection.