Hotwheels Boom Car :: 2017 New Release

I spotted this 2017 new release Hotwheels Cannon Car, aptly named the 'Boom Car', at Target the other day and couldn't walk away from it. I have a Duplo Clown and Circus Cannon that I simply adore, and while this Hotwheel would have been a great car to have on it's own, it was actually designed to hold (and even fire) a LEGO minifigure!

As you can see, the front is open to hold a minifig, and the explosive plunger serves as a handle for the minfigures.

The red, white and blue color scheme is not only patriotic, but also perfectly matches the New 52 Harley Quinn LEGO minifigure!

The back of the cannon is also open, with the idea that you flick the minifigure with your finger to send them flying! It does work, although try as I might I was unable to get a decent photograph of the action. You'll just have to take my word for it, and if you find the car, invest the dollar to do it yourself!

The Boom Car pairs great with this version of Harley, and will be displayed with her for the indefinite future! I hope Hotwheels releases multiple color variations so I can load up more of my Harley and Joker minifigs and take on Gotham City with a Boom Car Army.

Hotwheels has released a few of their cars with minifigs in mind, but the Boom Car is the first with an 'action feature' in mind. After shooting these pictures, I remembered the LEGO Stuntman that came out a few years ago and realized he'd also pair great with this car. Various clowns and other minfigs will also go great with this one. If you're a fan of Hotwheels and LEGO minifigs, I can't think of a single reason you shouldn't own this car.


  1. such a perfect fit for Quinn

  2. Got the Boom Car! Those Ride-On Series accommodate a MegaBloks figure better, Mattel's own brand. Looks great with Harley!