Grossery Gang Time Wars

I finally found the Grossery Gang Time Wars Powered Up Space Jump Pumpkin at retail! I've wanted this guy since he started showing up on toy ailes before Halloween, because no Halloween decorating is complete without a Cyborg Jack-o'-Lantern, but I guess that'll have to wait until next year.

I also picked up Powered Up Spewy Loo because...mutant toilet.

Also because they were only $4 each at Ross

The schtick is, I don't know, mutant food and appliances throughout time I guess.

They each cane with a flick-missile weapon. Loo's is coolest because it looks like a toilet.

It's been years since my intern assisted so I took over her tea party!

All the cool toys have mini squishy sidekicks nowadays, apparently, and these two are no exception. Included with each is a mini version of theirselves that can also pop on to their weapon and make friends with Shopkins.

Not a line I intend to collect be beyond these two, unless they can top a Cyborg Jack-o'-Lantern and/or a Mutant Toilet. But I'm glad I finally found the one I wanted, and finding him for cheaper than retail is even better.


  1. These remind me of Food Fighters.

  2. I love Space Jump Pumpkin. Someone pointed him out to me and I had to own him! He's quite cool. I didn't know about the toilet guy. I kind of dig him, too. These definitely remind me of Food Fighters. I like the minifigures fit on the missile launchers.