Meat Sweats the Tenderizer :: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Playmates Toys

I recently won this Meat Sweats TMNT action figure on Instagram from @TMNTPlay via their #Shellheadoftheweek contest. I really like how well the cartoon design translated to action figure form and I really like this figure, the first Rise of the TMNT toy I've yet to own. I chose him specifically because mutant chef pigs are always awesome.

Meat Sweats was a celebrity chef who mutated into a pig monster with tendril arms (ala Durge from Star Wars) after being bitten by an ooze-infused mosquito. Eh, it could happen!

Meat Sweats can be found with two variations: his right "glove" hand is removable and you can get either a tiny pre-tendril proto hand or a longer tendril-arm attachment.

I don't know if one variant is scarcer than the other, but I got the proto hand. He definitely looks cooler with the glove attachment on!

Meat Sweats also comes with a tenderizer mallet accessory. Not a bad bunch of bits for your buck!

Of course costs had to be kept down somehow, so there's no paint applications around back. Which wouldn't really matter much or even be worth mentioning except the lack of blue below the waist makes it appear that Meat Sweats is flying commando behind his apron. I guess his meat was too sweaty and needed to breathe.

All in all I really dig this figure. I love the design and I like the fact that Playmates went the extra yard with the extra hand, and it's even cooler that they made a variant (even if that fact could potentially cause collectors some frustration trying to get the one they want most).

Meat Sweats may not be the next Rocksteady, but he's plenty weird and worhty of inclusion in your TMNT action figure rogues gallery.


  1. I'll give you that the designs translate well to toys. They do understand the limitations of the process in the new series. That being said.. the series itself is GAHHHHH. I have watched all the Turtle series since the beginning ('87!), and this one is just bad. The figures are colorful, but the show is too short for real storytelling and the animation is sub-par. I tried to give it a shot with my 5 year old son, who is in the target demo for them. He turned to me and simply said "I don't like this. They look funny." He wasn't wrong, and we haven't watched since. I know they have green lit a second season, and will probably do a third to justify the costs of the designs and molds. We will try again with the next reboot. It's too bad they went this route, some of the shorts produced at the end of the previous series had real promise if developed further.

    Regardless, good to see you back! :)

    1. I've only seen a few episodes. I enjoyed the first couple, but the one where Splinter gets the flu was just weird. Haven't really followed any of the modern toons or movies so I'm ok if they're not for me, as long as someone enjoys them.

  2. this entire toyline is a solid pass for me .

    1. I'm a sucker for oddball villains; I won't be 'all in' but I'll be keeping my eyes on future releases. Folks are already finding AlBearto from wave 2 and I probably need him too!