Da da da daaaa...Imperial!


My little post about an Imperial dinosaur I found inspired fellow toy nut "Chunky B" of Eclectorama to post about his Imperial Godzilla. Which in turn inspired me to post my Imperial King Kong.

I recently bought this guy off eBay because he was part of an auction that included a 6" Imperial Godzilla that I was after. I believe King Kong came out in 1985 or so, at the same time Imperial was producing Godzilla.

He's a pretty good likeness of King Kong...better than the Godzilla offerings from Imperial. His arms move, and I added a little plastic car for him to toss through the air in a fit of primal fury!

Uh Oh...while roaming the forest Kong has crossed paths with the monstrous SmallZilla!

Run, Kong, Run! Don't just stand there...she's likely to....


Yech...cat germs!

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  1. Ha, ha nice. That King Kong looks really cool.

    I love these "simpler" toys!