Tonight you're gonna break your one rule...

...you're going to go outside in the daylight! Wait...you can't do that "tonight," because it won't be daytime...oh forget it!

This is the recently released/currently available at retail DC Universe Classics Batman action figure. Wearing the blue and grey, with capsule belt and gold background batsymbol, this representation of Batman is more in tune with the pre-movie comic book Batman of the seventies and eighties. No black leather/armor clad love here, this is bright blue tights and muscle - all Bruce Wayne all the time!

The face of his cowl is also painted black, representative of the comic book look of twenty plus years ago. Batman comes with a batarang and a sweet grappling gun that actually unwinds and can be hooked to objects!



These DC Universe Classic figures are very well articulated. I am not a huge fan of uber-articulation, and I really hate the ball-hips of Marvel Legends fame. DC Universe has given us great articulation without much compromise to the sculpt. Batman can even grip his grappling hook handle with both hands, for hours of wall (or tree) climbing fun!

BTW - tonight I'm going to break my one rule: "Don't see The Dark Knight three days early."

Ahhh, rebellion is so liberating. ;)


  1. I recently picked this figure up and it has to be one of the best Batman figures! It is an essential part of any collection. And you're right the grapple gun is way cool!

  2. ok you got me...is DC paying you to convince me to buy this? Cause it worked! lol

  3. Yes Jay, take my and CB's word for it - you gotta have this bat!

    (Hello, DC? Yes...you can send my checks to...)