What a Charmer!

This here is King Hiss. Dated 1985, old Hiss-Face came out near the end of the Master of the Universe line and was a figure I never had as a kid. I got this guy in a recent flea market haul, and have to admit he's pretty fun.

He appears to be a regular, well, kind of superhero looking guy actually. Not much "kingly" about his get-up. Sometimes I wonder if there were executive decisions that came about after characters were already designed that changed the back-stories of these guys from how they were originally envisioned.

Regardless, his nifty "action feature" gives rise to his true identity!

His arms and body separate to reveal:

YIKES!!!! King Hiss is in actuality six snakes of various sizes sprouting from a set of normal legs and a pelvis. What?!?!

Well at least that's as far as Mattel let his transformation go. I'm sure there were talks about the potential off color "trouser snake" jokes and the inevitable parental concerns therein, had the toy designers taken it any further.

Whatever, he's still pretty cool. His snake "arms" move up and down for slithery posing action and, well, that's it. Otherwise he just stands there looking strange. Cool!


  1. I had almost the entire MOTU line but I never had King Hiss...but I had the fine atomizer himself... Kobra Khan! Come to think of it though, the King Hiss figure post transformation is pretty disturbing lol.

  2. I loved Kobra Khan! Wish I still had him...but I was fortunate enough to get the "updated" version of him for the most recent He-Man line a few years back.

    He's no where near as cool as the original though.

  3. that is one gross figure...