I previously discussed the G1 Dinobot Slag that I found at a flea market...for a dime!

I also previously talked about the new Transformers Animated line of toys, which includes Grimlock, the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinobot transformer of G1 fame.

Well yesterday I had some time to kill in the late morning, and I decided to go to a nearby Walmart.

I was lucky to find the newest dinobot from the Transformers Animated line: Snarl *coughcough SLAG coughcough*

First off, for some reason they have christened this guy Snarl in the new cartoon and action figure series. They can call him Sally for all I care, the fact of the matter is that in G1 lore the Triceratops is Slag and the Stegosaurus is named Snarl.

DUH! Everyone knows THAT!

So anyways this guy is pretty darn cool, no matter what his name is. Like the other Transformer Animated figures I have so far, both modes are solid and look really nice. He makes an excellent Triceratops and an excellent robot...the same can't always be said about most G1 Transformers, which are usually lacking in one mode or another.

Another great thing about Slag is that he's almost exactly the same size as his G1 predecessor in both dinosaur and robot modes.

This guy is a lot of fun. He's part of the "Deluxe Class" of Transformer toys, which means he retails for about ten bucks. Not a bad price at all for such a groovy dinobot!

I know that a toy of Swoop (the Pterodactyl) is planned in the near future. I'm pretty sure the cartoon has yet to introduce the Stegosaurus (the REAL Snarl) or the Brontosaurus Sludge (yeah I know, a "Brontosaurus" never really existed) so they may never be seen in this series. That's a darn shame, becase the dinobots are always cool, and these Animated homages to G1 are extremely well designed characters and toys.

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  1. The figure looks gorgeous at the store, but I'm only snagging one if I can find a Grimlock.