The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'...

...Their true purpose is sinister.

Secret messages... Encoded in amino acid chains in carb-free breakfast bars.

There was a magic bullet. It was forged by Illuminati mystics to prevent us from learning the truth!

Reaching back to ancient Egypt, there's been a single cabal of powerful individuals directing the course of human history. But the common man prefers to believe they don't exist -- which aids their success.

Rorschach sucks!


  1. Man I am super jealous right now, LoL. We need to get you in the jluclub right away!

  2. I know, when I found him the first thing I though was "It's a conspiracy...I found The Question and even the prestigious JLU Club hasn't!"

    There was of course only one on the pegs, or I'd have shared the wealth. I saw zero Fire/Ice sets and a couple Atom sets, so this one was a nice surprise.

  3. niiiiiice photos! you take them?

  4. Yeah - awesome photos! You were right, this was a good find!