Because "Robinmobile" Just Sounds Silly

Wrapping up Toyriffic's look at Tim Drake as Robin, today we take a spin in his wheels!

Along with a new costume (and a new kid to fill it) the nineties saw Robin get a new set of wheels, the Redbird!

This 1:43 die-cast vehicle is another car from the Corgi series of Bat-vehicles released in the early 2000s.

I was quite surprised to see the nineties Redbird in the Corgi line-up, but not surprised to find it as well done and comic accurate as the rest of this beautiful series.

As with all Corgi vehicles, this car has a little movable feature - in this case the engine is revealed beneath two vented hood components.

I don't remember this car hanging around in the comics for very long, but I seem to recall it's appearance being a big deal and coinciding with Tim Drake turning 16 and getting his first car.

No sneaking up on the bad-guys in this futuristic, flaming red sports car - with a big "R" on each side!

"I brake for clowns"

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  1. i do see the Redbird pop up every now and then. This is a great likeness.