Tiny Tim

When last we left ToyRiffic, it was Tim Drake week. No Tim Drake week is worth it's salt without mentioning his appearance in The New Batman Adventures.

The New Batman Adventures continued on from Batman The Animated Series, bumping ahead a few years and aging the first Robin, Dick Grayson, into Nightwing. Skipping over the whole Jason Todd debacle, the cartoon went straight for Tim Drake as the new and youthful Robin.

This version of Robin is probably the most youthful version to ever get screen time. Wow, it only took sixty years! He also received a redesigned costume that has now been adopted by the comic book Robin. Wow, it only took ten years! :P

This version of the animated Tim came with a four pack that included Alfred and Clayface, and also came with this bird-like Robin glider. Don't forget your seatbelt, Robin!

If they would only make a Jokerized Tim from the cartoon "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" my Tim Drake collection would be complete. ;)


  1. Nice figure, I never picked this one, not for lack of tying, just never found it. I did get the re issue when Mattel started producing the line using the same or similar molds as Kenner/Hasbro.

  2. CB, I wonder if Mattel's Tim used the exact same mold, or if they altered it/made a new one?

  3. I don't know, stranger things have happened. I know when Mattel took over the license they used a Batcave/Wayne Manor playset, a Batplane, and I believe a Batmobile that were awful close if not the same, so that's why I added the "similar molds" on my original comment.

    Do you have a Mattel version? If not I'll dig mine out of storage and snap a couple of pics, I know Mattel used a cloth cape instead of a molded one.

    Also, you know different toy companies are sometimes produced in the same factory. I remember touring a factory when Episode I was set to debut, and I was "QC'ing" our stuff, checking out the Hasbro stuff and trying to get samples of that Carlton Thunderbird, all under one roof.

  4. CB,

    I don't have a Tim from Mattel but I do have a Batman and Catwoman (it was a two pack - battle damaged Batman) and both are new molds. The Batman has a cloth cape too. My guess is that the Mattel Tim was a new mold as well.

    Also, I did not know that about toy manufacturing. Pretty cool that you got to tour a factory! Can I have your job when you're done with it? ;)

  5. I have that set as well, and you're right those two are new molds, so it does stand to reason that Robin is a new mold.

    The coolest part was touring the factory show room for McFarlane Toys, they had one of every figure produced to date in order, in and out of packaging, that room is how I always imagined a collection should look. Factory tours are neat, but sometimes it losses the magic when you see the conditions these plastic jewels are produced in... hold on... think good thoughts, Santa's Workshop, Santa's Workshop... there all better.