(Cookie) Monster Mash!

Halloween is only a few hours away - and what better way to celebrate than with one of the coolest monsters ever.

No, not Grover.

Cookie Monster!


I found this Cookie Monster hand puppet at a garage sale a few years back. I think he cost me a quarter. He's not dated, but I think this specific one was made in the late seventies. His tag says "Sesame Street Educational Toys Inc. A subsidiary of Topper Corp." and "Sewn in Jamaica B.W.I" which may finally explain the insatiable munchies.

I was very excited to find this guy because I had a puppet similar to him as a kid. I played with my childhood Cookie Monster puppet so much that one eye fell off. That didn't slow me down - I kept on playing with him and took him everywhere I went, telling people his name was "one-eye."

This CM puppet has a plastic bar that crosses through his arms, and a string that hangs down so you can pull on it and manipulate the arms a little bit. His mouth has a hole in the back to shove food through.

Preferably cookies.

He'd make a great bathroom rug if you didn't run the risk of tripping over the eyes.

This is a completely different Cookie Monster puppet I found a couple years later at another garage sale. I had no idea there were multiple versions when I found the first one! I think this guy set me back fifty cents.

Although I thought I had the same puppet as in my childhood with the first Cookie Monster garage sale find, this one is in fact the one I had as a kid. He's a bit larger than the previous Cookie Monster, and does not have the arm bar.

This puppet is dated "1980" on the inside tag, and was manufactured by Gabriel Industries.

This post was brought to you by the number "2" and the letter "C."

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  1. Can you sell one coockie monster for me? I ask you so much.