It's That Tim Again!

Somehow this has turned into Tim Drake week here at ToyRiffic.

Fine by me.

Therefore, to honor the event, I present the very first ever Tim Drake Robin action figure!

This guy was made by Kenner and came out in 1992, not long after the debut of Tim Drake as Robin in the comics.

I think he came out as part of the Batman Returns line of action figures, and came with some sort of zipline backpack accessory that I have laying around somewhere.

This is a great Robin figure. His outfit is pretty much an exact representation of his new nineties look, but you may be wondering about the hair. Very Kid N' Play, no?

Well, rumor has it that Marlon Wayans was set to play Robin in Batman Returns, and was even fitted for a costume, but the character was cut from the script before filming began. This figure was supposedly sculpted based on a Damon Wayans Robin, and was later made more comic accurate (ethnically speaking) when the role never materialized on film.

Also of note - this Robin is sporting a really keen cloth cape!

This is my favorite TDR (That's "Tim Drake Robin" to the uninitiated ;) ) if only because he came out near the time Tim Drake was introduced and has been in my collection for over fifteen years.

He's 4.5" tall and fits in perfectly with figures in that size range - even if he comes across as a bit too old to be Robin ;)


  1. I was wondering if you would get to this one, This is probably my favorite for the same reasons, I even have one still packaged, LOL!

  2. oh man...I just posted a long ass comment and it couldnt process

  3. This is my all time favorite Robin figure. I remember my friend Frank and I heard that Kenner was releasing him we flipped! He had to get me the figure when it came out because no stores stores had him. He was pretty rare in the cases. Frank's dad went to a shady town in NJ to get him because even though it there's a lot of crime there, they had the BEST toy stores lol. I vividly remember the Marlon Wayans announcement since it was big news at the time. What a mistake that would've been. But I didn't care since I just would've loved to see Robin in the film at that time. I think he would've been better than Chris O Donnell though lol. I too still have this figure after all this time.

  4. oh yeah...LOVE that logo. Straight from the comics!

  5. Jay, glad you were able to post. I also remember how hard to find this guy was and I'm pretty sure I only ever saw him in stores the time I got him.

    I too would have loved to have seen a Robin in a Burton Batman movie; although Marlon would have been about twenty when Batman Returns came out - way to old to be Robin.

    Case in point...Chris O'Donnel.

  6. CB, you have more than one? Lucky!


  7. Yeah, I went through that phase where I would buy multiples of figures, one to open and one to keep packaged. I sold off most and kept a few of my favorites, robin here was kept along with Catwoman from that series. I think I even have one of the Penguin as well, I just picked up one and kept it packaged on that one... I sometimes do it today on stuff that I like the packaging and want to check out the toy as well, but not that often, not like back in the day. I know crazy.