One More Tim

This Tim Drake Robin came from the Batman line of 6" action figures that has now morphed into DCUC. He previously held the spot in my display now filled by the DCUC Tim Drake Robin.

This Robin is not a bad figure at all. He has a cloth cape, which is a point for him, and he represents the new, updated Robin costume that took the world by storm in the early nineties. Before this Robin's costume was a fifty year old design with pixie boots and green underwear, so you can see how spiffy ninja boots, leggings and a black-backed cape would be a step up in the world. The only difference is that his gloves were made black instead of the comic accurate green. Who knows why, but likely because someone was not paying attention.

Even his "R" got a redesign. In the comics, it was removable and could be used as a shuriken.

The figure has very limited, and kind of half-assed articulation to be honest. He has the basic "T-crotch" and no knee articulation at all. EDIT: He does have knee joints. Duh! His shoulders are a nice ball joint, but he has no elbow articulation so it's kind of a moot point. His wrists are cut at the glove too so they rotate, but again, what's the point? I'm fine with the charm of your OG Star Wars level of articulation, and I love the range of articulation in DCUC, but if you're gonna go for it, then go for it. This figure feels like they got tired half way through, or designed his articulation on a Friday.

Here's a height comparison to show you why I feel the DCUC Tim is the superior Robin in the height/youth department. And the articulation department. And the costume design department. But Tim-on-the-right has a cloth cape. So they're even ;)


  1. I remember I was pretty excited to get this figure, but you're right next to the new release... stiff as a board. Though I thought he did have a pivot at the knee... Still a soft goods cape, and a pretty substantial one at that!

  2. If i chose the best robin out of the 2...it would be the robin on the right. I think his appearance is exactly the way I remember him when the new costume premiered. I remember that being such a huge event and I actually had the poster of Tim in his new costume that came in the comic book on my wall for years. Even though I'd consider myself a huge action figure fan, I'm more into the traditional figures like the Star Wars and He-Man figures that don't have much articulation. I prefer less. These new figures with too much articulation tend to have broken limbs, etc. The more articulation means more visible joints and to me, that renders it more of "just a toy." One of the best things about figures with less articulation is that they can act as a showpiece or a toy.

  3. Jay,

    I had the promotional poster hanging on my wall, the huge on they gave to comic shops to hang in their window!

    I'm also no fan of uber-articulation, but I think DCUC does the best job of finding a middle ground, and is superior to Marvel Legends, which go a little overboard.

    But I dig old school too, I just think they only went half way with the older Robin, not knowing if they wanted the old or new levels of articulation, which is odd.

  4. CB, he is a great Robin and still stands out as a nice figure...I just have him posed next to a different Batman on a different shelf now. :D

  5. CB - I just looked - he does have knee joints! DUH!

  6. Damn, and I thought I had a rare one ;)

  7. I like the Cloth Cape Robin better personally. He has a better design IMHO. Not to mention can sit in a Batmobile ;)

  8. I also prefer cloth capes, Manetoys.