I Love Tim

I know I've espoused my love for Dick in the past, but I have to declare that this new Tim Drake Robin from DC Universe Classics Series 3 is one of the best Robin action figures ever made!

Tim Drake is the third individual to don the Robin mantle (after Grayson's retirement and Todd's death) and is here representing his second and most current comic book costume. This costume is inspired by Robin's look on The New Adventures of Batman animated series, and in my opinion it is Robin's best look since his iconic introduction.

Robin comes with his bo staff, which even has a tiny little control panel section sculpted into the center.
The rubber cape limits his head movement to a side-to-side motion but is surprisingly forgiving. Must be the new lead-free rubber they're using.

Robin also comes with two Robin-rangs.

This costume is so great because it's the perfect blend of Batman inspired components while still staying true to the side-kick's own identity. The trunks, gloves and boots are black, and the gloves have those bat-fins like his mentor. His belt is the more combat style pouch belt too. His cape is also scalloped at the end, more like Batman. But the greatest part about this new Robin action figure is something so simple, you wouldn't think it was an issue...but it is, and at least for me, always has been...

His height! This Robin is short and youthful! Wow, whoda thunkit?

Too often Robin is depicted in toy form as way too tall and/or old. But this Robin is convincingly young. Fourteen or fifteen maybe. And I likes my Robins young.

These DCUC Series 3 figures have been coming my way sloooooowllllllyyyyy. I now have two from series 3, and have only seen one more at retail that I had to pass on (Sinestro) in order to buy this Robin and Silver Savage...because, contrary to what some may think, I'm not made of money ;)

But it's good to finally start seeing some more of them, and Robin was my #1 must-have from this series. I'm looking forward to finding Nightwing soon too. At least then I'll have the bat-themed guys rounded out.

Now I only hope this DC Universe Classics line of figures continues for a long time, and that it soon brings us a classic pixie-boot sporting Dick Grayson! Who is also short and youthful.


  1. I've never been a fan of the "pouch utility belt." I actually think this Robin could be even SHORTER! Nice pics!

  2. I like that figure, and it looks way better out of the box, I might have to track one down.

  3. Jay - I agree that he could be shorter and younger. Robin should never be much older than 12-13 IMO.

    CB - I discovered that phenomenon (looking better out of the box) on the few Marvel Legends I ever bought. Since the release of DCUC it seems to be very true with their figures as well. Must have something to do with the weird yoga poses they jam them into at the factories!