Thimble Theatre :: Starring Popeye!


"Hee hee heee. Stupid runt."

"That Bluto can be a real pain in the back sometimes!
A real pain in the front, too."

"What's thisk?

twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle

"Hey kid, ya' dropped somethin'!
Finders keepers losers weepers, I always say.
Thanksk for the snack, infink!"


Da da-da-da dun da-dunnnn!

"Hehehe, what a dumb runt!"

"Whadya want..."


"Remember, Bluto, revenge is a dish best served...with spinach!
Now, where was I...oh yeah..."



  1. Wow, good stuff. I see Popeye toys here and there and think long and hard about getting them...unfortunately they're not mint condition so I can't...may not have noticed this but I have a phobia about opening things up lol.

  2. Thanks Mike!

    lol - we'll have to break you of that phobia someday! Although some of my toys stay MOC, I am more of an opener. They're more fun that way ;)

  3. Heh. Popeye.
    1) Popeye was not a Navy man, he was in the USCG (see the one with Ali Baba)

    2) There's speculation that 'spinach' was a metaphor based on a code word for an illicit substance. Guess which one?

    3) was the 'me pappy' thing from the original shorts or from the Robin Williams film. It cracks me up either way.

  4. Hi arkonbey,

    1) Popeye was in the Coast Guard in the cartoon you mentioned, and he was also in the Navy in some later Fleischer cartoons from the WWII era, but E.C. Segar's Popeye was never depicted as part of any armed service...he was merely a sailor.

    2) I've heard that "speculation" as well as the arguments against it. In my opinion it's just a bunch of "smoke" lol.

    3) The picture frame with "Me Pappy" written in it is an accessory that was inspired by the Robin Williams movie, which was as big an influence on these Mezco action figures as the comic strips and cartoons (The "Pea Coat Popeye" and "Storm Gear Popeye" figures were also directly based on the first scenes of the live action movie.)

    I only wish the line would have continued, I'd love to have a boxer Popeye!