The Batman EXP Crimson Patrol Batman aka Azrael :: A 'Toyriffic Classic' Post

While we're on the subject of Azraels that aren't billed as Azrael, let's take another look at this Azrael homage from The Batman EXP toyline, which originally appeared on Toyriffic December 19th 2008:

This figure was released in 2006 in conjunction with 'The Batman,' the Saturday morning Batman cartoon show airing at the time. He was billed as Crimson Patrol Batman, but we all know who was really under the cowl...

Okay, so it's Batman again. But there's no doubt what character inspired this figure. I love it when a toy design shows a true love and understanding of a character's history. If you're going to dress Batman in orange longjohns (and the toy execs just love it when you do) at least find a comic book where the guy actually did so and run with that idea. Brilliant!

Azrael was packaged with the mask and wings separated and a little obscured, so if you didn't know what you were looking at or if you didn't look closely enough you would have assumed it was just another red-orange Batman action figure. And since this toyline was mainly aimed at kids, I'm sure tons of them got this figure and had no idea of it's Batman comic-book significance.

'The Batman' was a good cartoon, and the toyline had it's share of hits. Of them all, Crimson Patrol Batman was one of the best. A cool 'Easter egg' for fans to discover...and one instance when I didn't wince upon seeing a day-glo Batman on the toy aisle shelves.

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