(Modu)Lock Up Your Daughters...

I never gave a second glance to Hordak and the evil Horde as a kid. I always considered him and his cronies "girl toys."

Seriously. They weren't battling He-Man or Man-at-Arms or Man-E-Faces or Man-Man or Handy Manny on Eternia; Hordak and his minions were the main adversaries of She-Ra, battling for shoes or hair clips or rule over Princessylvania or some such nonsense!

So what if they were kind of cool looking space aliens and monsters. They were fighting a chick...and couldn't win, I might add! They were about as manly as a Ken doll.

But I've changed in my old age. Not intentionally, but you know how it is. You give them an inch and they take a mile. Pretty soon they'll be teaching about the Horde in schools. ("He's in the second grade!")

This past year I've actually added three Horde members to my collection. And you know what? I like them. I really, really like them. They're all very cool. Especially this guy:

This is Modulok. I got him in a garage sale lot of MOTU stuff. I was surprised that he was complete (except for his weapon.)

Modulok is a mess of legs, arms, torso components, and two heads which can all be snapped apart and rearranged into any number of funky configurations.

At first I kind of ignored him. He is a "horde" after all, and you know what they're like!

But as they say in the Potato Chip biz, "once you pop, you can't stop."

Seriously, this guy can be made into so many different monsters it's unreal. And with two heads, you can make two figures!

Two toys at the same time, it's every man's fantasy!

I could go on like this all day. Seriously. But I need to stop. It's almost time to watch The Dark Knight! Woohooo!


  1. Oh man..I must be an outcast because The Horde was my FAVORITE faction when I was a kid. I still love Hordak and the Slime Pit...I always thought of Hordak as way more demonic and menacing than Skeletor. Skeletor always seemed more bumbling. Hordak was more elusive because he would just turn into a rocket and fly away.

  2. Jay, I had totally forgotten about Hordak's ability to change into a rocket!

    And I seem to recall a story about you playing with a Skipper doll or something, so playing with the Horde was actually a step in the right direction ;)

  3. wow. I used to have Modulok when I was a kid - despite his/its context in MOTU, it was the coolest of the toys by a mile.

    I hope I still have it. Otherwise it's carboot time!

  4. Her Ghost - this is one of the best for sure - good luck hunting for your old one!