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Fans of the Question waited decades until the character, originally published in Charlton Comics and later acquired by DC, was released from copyright limbo and allowed to become "real" in the form of a little plastic action figure.

Last year Charles Victor "Vic Sage" Szazs was released as part of the JLU toyline, representing his fan-favorite appearance in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

Kudos to Mattel for not stopping there.

My new-found fascination with DC Infinite Heroes had me perusing the pegs a little closer the other night, and I found The Question!

(Click for larger Image)

But here's the coolest part, I found the Question "variant" figure! This one is different from the image on the card, which shows the standard figure; the variant has a different colored suit and lighter brown hair, as well as an overcoat:

I didn't realize they were releasing variants in this line, and as with most collectors, I have a love/hate relationship with variants. That is, I hate them when I can't find them and love them when I do.

That's not entirely true. I also think variants that do nothing to enhance a figure or reflect an actual comic/cartoon/movie representation of the character are lame. This Question is great because the overcoat is part of his look in many Question appearances and it really enhances the figure's design.

In fact, he's so cool that I'm not sure if I want to free him from his plastic prison just yet. I think I'll wait to get the standard Question figure and weigh my options then.

So now my DCIH ranks have reached two. Since I don't see this train stopping any time soon, I think I'll steal my friend Charles' G.I. Joe/Cobra ranking system in order to keep track :)

Infinite Heroes: 1
Infinite Villains: 1

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  1. Definitely looks much better with the overcoat! I had no idea a variant was out there, so it's time to start looking.