Matchbox Monaco

This is the new for 2009 Matchbox 1978 Dodge Monaco Police Cruiser.

Criminals and fuel efficiency beware!

This old school police cruiser reminds me of the intro to Hill Street Blues.

It would also be fun to modify one of these into a Bluesmobile (which was a '74 Dodge Monaco.) If I ever find a mini loud-speaker to strap to the top I'm doing it!

Pull over!

The only thing that isn't exactly accurate is the light bar, which is the same light bar Matchbox uses on all it's recent cop cars. It has been molded thicker, however, to give it a little more of a period accurate feel.

The details are great too, with car numbers and a nice looking police emblem.

And a Mopar era Dodge insignia and a shout out to the Matchbox police department's "Commitment To Service!"

Another cool thing to look for on Matchbox cars are the interior details - this cop has a CB radio...

...and a shotgun riding shotgun!


  1. That is a pretty cool ride there E.

  2. The shotgun is a nice surprise. Too bad the door couldn't be open.

  3. Thanks guys!

    LEon, I agree - when I was a kid the cars with opening features were always the most coveted of vehicles. I'd always pretend that the opened doors = wings and those cars with open doors could fly!

  4. That is going back to old school and I like it. Matchboxes were always known for small details.

    ha! I forgot about flying door cars!

    My thing was looking through the back window and out the windshield of Matchboxes. It was always coolest, for some reason, when driving in a real car at the same time.

  5. Great model - I can't wait to lay my hand on this one. I used to have a friend back in the early 1980's that drove one of these. He was a security guard and it was an ex-Police car. I built a 1/25 scale model of his ride and several others, all using this era of Dodge Monaco. Love this body style!