You Can Choose a Ready Guide in Some Celestial Voice...

This is the DC Infinite Heroes version of Dr. Fate.

This version of Dr. Fate represents Hector Hall under the helmet of Nabu, who is also the current comic book Dr. Fate. The first Dr. Fate was Kent Nelson.

I have never followed along very closely with Dr. Fate in the comics, but I love his design and concept as a character. I also love his golden ageyness, even if his costume is mildly updated from the original. I did really like the comic and character Fate in the early nineties though.

I've loved all of his cartoon appearances as well, from the JLU to the new Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Magical mystical superheroes are groovy.

The good doctor alters our DC Infinite Heroes tally thusly:

Infinite Heroes: 4
Infinite Villains: 1

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