You're a Mean One, Mr. Gorneesh

Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, the trees are blooming, and young mens' thoughts are turning to that of...the Swap Meet.

The family and I got a little breakfast this morning and hit a couple garage sales before moving on to the local used-to-be-Drive-In-Theatre soon-to-be-Medical-Plaza that has hosted the local swap meet for decades. The Drive-In closed about a year or two ago, and the Medical Plaza planned for the site has yet to break ground, so in the meantime it's still a Swap Meet on weekends.

I spent my time as I usually do, shuffling through bins of toys of various ages, condition and levels of completeness. I picked up a couple things as I wandered around, but of all the things I saw I was completely caught off guard when I stumbled upon this guy:

This is King Gorneesh from the Ewoks toyline (after the Star Wars Ewoks animated series) of 1985. Finding him at the swap meet is pretty cool considering the fact that I live on Endor. So of course I had to do an outdoors photoshoot with good ole Gorneesh!

King Gorneesh's condition is amazingly mint. He doesn't look like he was ever played with at all.

I never had any of these Ewoks animated toys as a kid but I watched the cartoon, so I immediately recognized him and couldn't believe he had survived in such great shape for so long, only to end up in a swap meet bin full of mostly junky fast food toys.

I offered the guy 25 cents for him and he happily agreed. Wowza!

King Gorneesh has some sort of animal spine headgear and funky turtle shell shoulder pads. Spiffy!

He also has an eye patch cuz he's cool like that.

You can read a little more about this King of the Duloks at his Wookieepedia entry.

Not bad for a quarter! Yay for the swap meet!


  1. Holy Cow, that is amazing, I want to go to one of those swap meets. Awesome find, and great condition... and for a quarter, I'm actually jealous.

  2. Ewok animated? That's a nice score. The background was just great for Ewoks! Anymore from that series?