Wake me up, before Yojimbo

I'm decades behind the curve on this one, but thanks to the local library I am FINALLY reading Stan Sakai's original Usagi Yojimbo works, starting with Book 1:

I'm about halfway through and it's great. I love Sakai's cartoony animal character designs, his art is deceivingly simple yet complex, and the storytelling is top notch. It's a wonder and a shame that there has never been a full blown Usagi Yojimbo animated film.

Usagi Yojimbo has always been a favorite character form a design standpoint, and now I am glad to actually be adding some real story to my understanding of the rabbit bodyguard.


  1. Usage Yojimbo rules! How could you wait so long?

    Stan's style is a little reminiscent of Sergio's, but that's not a bad thing!

  2. I know I know, I'm a bad nerd!

    Also, I LOVED the Groo cameo!

  3. Welcome to a much larger world E...