Death Race to Oblivion

The next episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold is titled "Death Race to Oblivion." Apparently Mongul has teleported a ton of superheroes and villains to some planet for a race to the death. Check out the clips, courtesy of our pal Tommy of The Bat Blog:

(Yes, kids - that's Woozy Winks "driving" old Plas!)

And check out Guy's "Green Machine!"

This episode looks like a total blast!

You can see more publicity stills at The Batman: Brave and the Bold's Facebook Fan Page.

According to the Bat Blog, this episode is set to air on November 20th on Cartoon Network. Sometimes these things change, and sometimes they re-air episodes, so be sure to check your local listings.

Personally I think this episode should air on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! (a little Monster Truck humor for you there ;) )

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  1. Ok this looks like it will be a fun one to watch! Glad to see the Joker back too.