Darkwing Duck :: I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Back on comic book store shelves (or 'new to the comic book store shelves' - was he ever in a comic before?) the topic of a recent Nintendo game purchase of mine, and now mine in action figure form is that fine feathered hero himself Darkwing Duck!

When I got the Nintendo game I decided I should track down the action figure, and found him for a good price on eBay - Mint on Card!

Here's a look at the back of the card...

...and Darkwing's 'Intelligence Report' card. This toy was made by Playmates, who did similar bio cards for their more famous and successful Ninja Turtles toyline.

I've had this guy for a few months but finally got the opportunity to tear him open tonight:

Darkwing is a decent figure. Not terrible, not super excellent either. His physical representation is pretty much exactly like his cartoon look, so that's a high point.

He has a pretty lame 'action feature' though - his hat pops up and spins (or shoots off his head depending on if it operates right or not) with the push of a button on his back. Silly, and it makes for a loose, wobbly hat. It also makes for a lot of hatless loose Darkwing Ducks out there, which is why I held out for a MOC figure when I went searching for one.

His cape is also removable, which also leads to a lot of capeless loose Darkwing Ducks as well - but at least a cape is part of the action figure, they could have easily left it off completely.

He has two character accurate accessories too, but neither fit in his hands properly - in fact, the gas gun can't be held at all! LAME! But at least they are included. I guess I could always rubber-band them in place if I wanted to.

All in all a fun, cute action figure and a nice Batman analogue for a guy like me who likes his Batman wannabes!

"I am the terror that flaps in the night.
I am the milk that sogs up your cereal.


  1. I had a few of these back in the day, they went to my son and he played with them till they were no more, LOL.

  2. I totally forgot about them making Darkwing Duck action figures! I really missed out on these.

  3. Ironically, they never made Quackerjack into a toy.