Proto Ecto

Could it be? Is this the upcoming Hotwheels Ecto-1 I blogged about a few days ago?

Nope. But it's close:

This is a brand new Matchbox release - the 1963 Cadillac Ambulance. Ecto-1 is a Cadillac, but it's a '59 so there are a few differences, but as far as ambulances go this is how I'd like to be delivered to the hospital!

Matchbox collectors remember the collector favorite '63 Cadillac Hearse from a few years back, and this '63 Cadillac Ambulance is as much a beauty as it's macabre counterpart.

There are details galore inside and out. I'm not able to get a decent picture, but the interior is red plastic and is molded to look exactly like a '63 Cadillac Ambulance - there's a gurney with belts/buckles and cabinets behind the drivers seat and it all just looks so tiny and cool.

On the outside there are all the lights and fins molded on the body, as well as a clear plastic siren "light" on top.


This ambulance apparently serves Gene Mercy Hospital. I don't know who Gene Mercy is, but with ambulances like this one, he's a class act in my book.

I can't wait to find the Hotwheels Ecto-1, but in the meantime this classy Caddy will hold me over.


  1. yup, very nice, I have 3 of those!!

  2. Neat! I thought you get your hands on Ecto1 so early. :P

  3. Looks like a promising base for the Ecto-1 indeed. But how will you make the Mattel figures get in there...

  4. I think Matchbox cars are so much better than Hot Wheels.

  5. Man, I only found one of these and none of the Hot Wheels Ecto 1's yet. I did manage to find all 3 first colors of the Matchbox 1963 Cadillac Hearse, though. Would have liked to find at least one more of these to have one to open.

    I have wondered why Matchbox now has a total of 3 1963 Cadillac Ambulances/Hearses in the line? Couldn't they have made this one a 1964? That would have been cool!

  6. I think it was cheaper for them to use the existing Hearse as a "base" model. You can tell to, as the front fenders/casting seams are a little rough as the die/mold has been used so many times before.

  7. A sudden thought occurred to me. Perhaps this 1963 Cadillac Ambulance is a response from Matchbox to fill the void left by cancelling the Hearse? Kind of like them trying to recoup their losses of a cool casting? They both do seem to be based on the same beginnings.