Kiss my Arcee

I was lucky enough to spot this Transformers Animated Arcee at Toys R Us the other day. I wasn't in the spot to buy her at the moment, so I hid her on the Tonka truck aisle and when I returned today she was still where I had stashed her; so now she's mine!

Although she first appeared during the G1 era in the Transformers animated movie, Arcee has not had a proper figure made of her until now. Sure, there have been a few Arcees released before, but never one that transforms into the vehicle and robot mode that so closely matches the character as she was originally presented.

Arcee's vehicle mode is very G1 Cybertoronian. She is reminiscent of Hot Rod with that futuristic vehicle vibe she's got going on.

Her robot mode is excellent. Even though it is representative of the stylized Transformers Animated look, she still very closely resembles her appearance in the animated Transformers Movie from the mid eighties. In addition, she's not overly sexualized, yet she's still very feminine. That's a plus.

This Transformers Animated Arcee is seriously the best we've gotten and likely the closest we Transformer fans will ever get to an "accurate" Arcee.

She comes with two swords that stow away in her shoulder mounts. Arcee is also super posable and an excellent action figure alone, regardless of the fact that she also turns into an awesome futuristic vehicle.

Her transformation is pretty simple, and the look of both the vehicle and the robot modes are excellent and convincing.

Arcee is a Toys R Us exclusive figure for a cartoon that is now defunct, so good luck finding one. When I spotted her there were two on the shelf. I hid this one and when I returned the other was gone. I doubt she'll be available in abundance or for very long, so if you see her and want her I advise you to get her on the spot...or find an excellent hiding spot to return to later!

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  1. Did not know she was rare i spotted a couple of her over at my Toys R Us not that long ago.