This train's got the disappearing railroad blues.

My daughter had her Fisher Price Little People lined up and waiting for the train. The smiling faces and bright colors were so appealing, I just had to take a picture.

Here she is taking over the living room. And the TV. Although I have to admit that iCarly show is surprisingly charming and humorous. Who knew?

I handed the camera over to my daughter and she took a couple shots herself. Here's one of the chickens in the hay loft.

And here's one she took of Tracker Smurf making some cakes.

This shot is a little blurry; that circus train must have been rumbling by pretty fast!


  1. It look fun! I used to play like her placing all my toys everywhere in the living areas. Btw, she look like you. :)

  2. My 6 year old son LOVES the iCarly. He has had all of his mother's Simpson's figures and playsets out this past week during the heatwave sprawled across the family room....

  3. Well it looks like the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree concerning that natural photography talent. Better look out Bubba or she'll take over Toyriffic!

  4. I had that same Little People barn when I was growing up. I always loved the mooing sound when one of the doors opened. I got mine for Christmas one year and the first time my little sister did was draw all over the loft doors with a crayon. She ended up getting the Little People camper the next year and we both got the Little People garage to share. Today's Little People look rather odd in comparison.

  5. Am glad you post those pictures Bubba it brings back memories of me and my sister playing with of our Fisher Price Little People in years gone by.

  6. One of my neighbors had that barn, I always thought the hay loft was cool.