The Silver Bullet

I just discovered the location of a local bike/skateboard ramp park last night. Remember the good old days when the ramps and tracks were dug and carved out of the dirt in an empty lot or field?

Nowadays kids get fancy million dollar architecture to roll around on. In my day if a ramp was made out of wood it was made by someone's big brother, who likely had zero carpentry skills and absolutely no concern for the safety of others.

Those were the days.

So I think I'm going to drag The Silver Bullet over there real soon and try to relive some of that old school magic.

I think I'm going to break my neck.


  1. Be careful my friend we don't want you getting hurt.

  2. Thanks jboy!

    Not a chance, Dan! ;)

  3. Man, I remember those days. We used to upgrade our bikes... a part at a time when we'd get some money. We'd ride all the way across town just to get to some good jumps. We'd POUR over the magazines just to see if we could figure out how those guys were doing "table tops" and stuff like that.

    I rode a Team Mongoose and my best friend rode a Redline MX2. We were always building our own jumps and tracks, too.

    Can't imagine getting on one of those, now. I've taken my kids for a spin now and then but it just makes me feel OLD. :)

    Good luck, Bubba. Sounds like fun.

  4. We have "skate" parks by me that are referred to as "Skate and bike" parks...but they are really for skaters. How the hell are you going to be on a half pipe with a bmx if there are skateboarders trying to do tricks on them at the same time? I want a huge park with little hills and ramps,that would be awesome. I'd take my Mongoose Mischief out more often! lol

  5. You think you're going to break your neck?!?!?

    And I second the YouTube motion!