Gone, gone, oh tiny man...

...rise itty bitty Etrigan!

I got this Etrigan in a set of Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League figures from a co-worker for my birthday.

As I said last week, I hadn't been collecting Action League figures before, but I now know that they are pretty cool little toys; and I do loves me some Etrigan!

It's pretty amazing that my co-worker, who only knows I like Batman, would pick out the one set I have considered jumping into the Action League genre with due solely to it's inclusion of Etrigan. Of course, she had and still has no clue who Etrigan is, so some greater force must have been at play here.


Could it be....


The set was a two-pack of figures that also included Batman in his armor from the Brave and the Bold episode this set is based on.

Dark Knight indeed!


  1. i like the armored Satan-Bat... he's Bitchin'! Your co-worker did well :)

  2. I command you to start collecting this line Eric! It's too cool not to. :)

  3. That was a great episode. Have they released any GAs for this line yet?

  4. SUPER cute...

    added ur link to my blog list, would u mind do the same? hope to hear more from ur blog and be ur toys-buddy, thanks, dude ;-)p

  5. Nice present, that is one of the nicest of these little figures, the Batman in the set isn't bad either.

  6. I have been eyeballing these as well but i havn't made the plunge just yet.