Harley Qwednesday :: Awesomest thing you will see today!

I would read the shit out of this:

Words cannot express my love for this image illustrated by Joe Quinones as a Jim Steranko tribute piece. So I will let the artist speak (via Joe Quinones' interweb-log)

"This weekend I will be attending the fourth annual Comics Festival in Lille, France. I'm super excited to go, as it'll be my first time in the country. Anyway, the show organizer thought it would be a fun idea to get a bunch of the guest artists visiting to each do a Jim Steranko tribute piece. I decided it would be fun to draw a variation of Steranko's 'Shanna The She-Devil' cover from 1972, substituting in Ms. Harleen Quinzell, a couple of hyenas, and the Bat-Family. It was. Ms. Maris Wicks, who will be joining me, was kind enough to supply colors for the piece, with some minor tweaks from me. She did a fantastic job."


  1. She-Devil!! HaHa! I just like the way that rolls off the tongue!

  2. ROWR! Harley is HOT with a capital H! She is definitely worthy of being on a cover like this.