Harley Qwednesday :: Sur-prise sur-prise!

I've got a couple fun surprises for y'all in today's Harley Qwednesday post!

First surprise - that anyone else besides me actually enjoys my Harley Qwednesday posts!


The truth is, it's undeniable - people love Harley Qwednesday. Tim Brannen enjoys Harley Qwednesday so much in fact he immediately thought of me when he saw the following picture, so he sent a link to the page he found it on (via manlyartjpc on Flickr.)

Well...he didn't immediately think of me when he first saw this picture...at least I hope he didn't!

Oh yeah baby, bring the hammer down! Ramona Flowers ain't got nuthin' on you , doll!

The next surprise came to me today (Harley Quesday) when I was digging through an old box looking for something completely unrelated to Harley Quinn...and suddenly I found this poster:

I got this poster from a WonderCon I attended in, I guess it had to be 'in the year two thousaaaand' (that being right before the Harley Quinn comic debuted.) It's pretty big too, a little under 3'x2'

I've never actually hung it on a wall and had thought that it was long lost, due to my moving around so much in the last ten years.

But there it was in that box - and now it's hanging on my wall above my drawing table! If that isn't incentive to sit down and draw, I don't know what is.

So there you have it folks. Another exciting and surprising installment of Harley Qwednesday.

Good times!

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  1. Who doesn't love Harley Quinn??

    Thanks for the link back! Hope everyone enjoys the pic.