Harley Custom Qwednesday

People send me some of the coolest images for Harley Qwednesday. These custom dolls were made by a fellow named James Stevens, who used Bratz dolls to create a Gotham Sirens themed trio!

First up is our beloved woman of the hour Harley Quinn in a jack-in-the-box. Too cool!

Joining Harley on her misadventures is Poison Ivy.

And although this is Harley Qwednesday, I have to admit my favorite of the bunch is this Batman Returns Catwoman - there's just something about the simplicity of the design, and of course that wild hairdo depicting the last few scenes between Catwoman and Max Shreck.

Cool custom dollies, James! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Harley Qwednesday everybody!


  1. I must say these are very well done.

  2. These aren't MY dollies, Brian ;)

  3. Yes, but you wuv them... you wuv them very much.

    I think they are cool, too.