You Mecha Me Crazy

I haven't picked up or blogged about a Godzilla toy in a long time, having pretty much gotten all of my must have characters some time ago, including the most iconic look in my mind (1968 Godzilla) and Godzilla's first appearance (1954 Godzilla)

But one important Godzilla that I have really wanted and have never gotten around to picking up is the classic 1974 version of MechaGodzilla. That is until now!

This is the 6.5" Bandai MechaGodzilla released in 2009, and is probably still available in stores.

What can I say about this guy other than he is so insanely cool looking. A super fun design and accurate to his original film appearance. No Godzilla collection is complete without him, and I am stoked I finally got him into mine.

"Shall we dahnce?"


  1. All of that awesomeness for a buck? too cool Eric. : )

  2. Nice $1.00 dolly.

    Wish I could find cool stuff like that for next to nothing. Congrats!

  3. $1 toys = WIN!

    The title of this post made me LOL after I read it haha!

  4. A DOLLAR?! Holy Moses, Son... ! You DO win, that's Bitchin'!

  5. WOW! Thats amazing! I got to know more about swap meet. is it like an auction gathering or something?

  6. $1?? Awesome. Btw: How much cooler would Ghostbusters have been if THAT was what Ray imagined in the end lol.