And while we're perusing the pre-school aisles...

I figured I should do a search to see if there were any Imaginext superhero reveals at Toy Fair 2011, and I found these pics at Action Figure Insider:

 There is an upcoming Clayface planned as well as...

ZOMG!! Catwoman! They FINALLY expand the line to include a female character! There is hope yet, society.

And that Catcycle is super bitchin! I'd drive one of those myself!

I am assuming that her face is incomplete and will have some more paint apps when this one hits store shelves (and I do hope and pray it makes it to store shelves!)

I need that Catwoman! I need many! I'll take nine, please.


  1. ClayFace never looked so happy lol.

  2. WOW! I was just looking at the standard monsters the other day, and almost bought one for Batman to fight, now I'll wait for Clayface!

  3. That catcycle looks like a sweet ride.