Killer Cute

Now that I now have in my posesson the cutest darn Hawkman and Flash figures ever made, I may soon need to track down this new Imaginext Killer Croc.

I don't need this one nearly as badly as I needed Hawkman and Flash and will have to see him in person to make any final commitment or commentary. But he is a nice add to the Imaginext line-up!

I also love that they call him "K. Croc" on the Fisher-Price website. At least they kept the initial for "Killer" instead of just calling him "Croc." But what will kids (and non-fanboy parents) think the "K" stands for?

"Rawr, I'm Kevin Croc, and you're about to swallow your last gallon of swamp water Batman, I guarontee!"


  1. K Croc? Sounds like a rapper.

  2. that is a COOL toy! I love those... :D ... you need to buy that tomorrow :D