Teen Titans GO!

I did go to the swap meet yesterday and I did buy some toys but I did not buy them for me - so I am still on track for my 28 Day Challenge!

What I did buy was seven Teen Titans Go action figures for my daughter's upcoming birthday. She loves the Teen Titans and since these toys aren't in stores any more I am always excited to find them at the swap meet and grab them up whenever I do. First up is Terra - my daughter already has a Terra in her Teen Titans outfit but this is her costume when she turned on the Titans (I think.)

I grabbed Raven, as Raven is my daughter's favorite super hero at the moment. I am pretty sure she already has a Raven but I didn't want to risk it, especially because I got all seven figures for $5. At that price I couldn't NOT get Raven!

This guy is a villain named Master of Games. I have never seen the episode(s) he appeared in, but apparently he has absorbed some of the Titans' powers as he has a Cyborg arm and a Beast Boy arm. Cool!

Another villain I picked up is Gizmo. He's some sort of mechanical genius and I seem to remember him taking over control of Cyborg or something like that.

I have previously blogged about my own Red X and here I have found a 'maskless' Red X (who is a masked Robin.) He also had his accessory which is pretty cool.

Another Robin variant I found is Robin in his 'Deathstroke' uniform he wore when Slade was trying to recruit him and turn him against his pals.

Finally I found Trident with his...trident. Another cool looking villain.

So there you have it. I found a lot of cool action figures and a loophole in the 28 Day Challenge since my daughter's birthday is right around the corner! Yay toys!


  1. You have got to be THE king of Swapmeets and Flea markets. Well done sir! I'm sure your daughter is going to love them!

    Incidently, and I may be wrong here, but the outfit Terra is wearing is her Slade-apprentice uniform, isn't it?


  2. She sure will SDTB!

    Thanks Onigaijan. And I think Terra is in her uniform after joining Slade. But I've not seen the episode so I am just guessing.

  3. Really nice find. I wish there were swap meets like that around here.

  4. Awesome Bubba! Your daughter is going to love them. : )

  5. @Mr.Kuffel: I often think Bubba is one of the luckiest guys to have such access...

    What a great find! We have a couple of these but think eBay will be getting a visit later today!

    We are making our tri-annual Outer Banks trip this year and the kids have already planned on picking up the two seasons of Teen Titans that we don't own for the ride...

  6. Whoa! where did you find the slade terra? ive been looking for one for a good price like that.

  7. I got lucky and found it at the local swap meet, baileepink.

  8. I have that Raven! Also I have Aqualad, Beast Boy and Terra with her original outfit :D :D :D

  9. Cool, Yelinna! All my daughter needs now is Starfire, I haven't found that one yet.