Look what the cat dragged in

In perfect time for the upcoming Ladies' Night at Eclectorama, I just picked up the Batman Returns Catwoman action figure!

And like Chunky B. and his Arkham Asylum gateway, this Catwoman is a figure I have wanted for decades but only recently acquired.

Catwoman was a tough find in 1991. I only ever saw her at a comicbook store  at the time, and they wanted more money for her than I was willing to pay. Patience is a toy collector's virtue! I picked her up on eBay last week for less than ten bucks shipped.

Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman was arguably the best part of Batman Returns, and this figure, while looking a little more cartoony in the face, does have all the key costume points that made Tim Burton's Catwoman a unique and unforgettable part of Bat history.

If I had two of this figure I might even consider going over the stitching with white paint to make them pop out more. But lack of paint detailing aside, the sculpt is pretty darn detailed!

All the way down to those hot boots! Meow!


  1. May I be the first to say: Totally Awesome! I liked that 2nd Batman movie- have a cool poster from it

  2. I had a Catwoman poster or two myself at the time ;)

  3. I've had a couple of these through the years. What's crazy is that I had nearly every Kenner release back then. You're right, this one was rare, but not as rare or hard to find as the Robin that came out in the same series that you posted about in the past. I LOVE the Penguin as well because that's how I wished he looked in Batman Returns. This is my favorite catwoman figure. They should've done a variant using same mold but with purple paint job!

  4. I think i just saw this figure today at the comic book shop i stopped at along with Bob The Goon from the first movie.

  5. Yeah this is one of my favorite all time figures, it did seem hard to find back then, but as Jay said the Robin was more of a challenge to get at that time, funny how things change. So, great find there Bubba and thanks for the shout out.

  6. OMG!!! Dude you're SOOO lucky! I've also wanted her collection figure for 2 decades!!! :( I'm very picky with 'Catwoman's. :P None has ever mesmerized me as the Michelle Pfeiffer's one. This figure is very good, but I'd like it even more if her boots were really stiletto like and her fingers more refined with nails on.

    Anyway, you made my day! I thought I'd never find my dream Batman Returns's Catwoman... Do you know of any method or place where I can find one similar to yours? I beg you, pleeeease! D":>

    1. Hi Daniela,

      Your best bet is eBay - if you are patient you should be able to find one for pretty cheap - cheaper than a new action figure even!