The Legion of Doom on Smallville's Finale!

Seriously! How unbelievable is this? Dark Archer, Solomon Grundy, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Roulette, and Metallo (with Toyman on screen) on Smallville's finale episode!

Even if this scene only happens onscreen for half a second, I'm all a-fanboy-flutter to see it! CORRECTION: This scene appears in the May 6th episode 'Prophesy,' not the May 13th finale.

Don't forget, only two Fridays left of Smallville ever, with the final two hours airing on May 13th!

Thanks to SuperHeroShows and Kryptonsite for the info!


  1. Is Dark Archer supposed to be Merlyn?

  2. Yes jboy - he also appeared in an episode last season.

  3. Ah thanks Bubba i was wondering if it was him or not.

  4. Are they to be the "villains" in the upcoming TV show about Green Arrow...???
    This is the first I have heard of this "Legion of Doom".... COOL...!!!
    Not overly impressed with Solomon Grundy ... but to add Black Manta and Captain Cold ... Awesome...