Get on your bad motor-scooter and ride!

In my previous 'Batman and Robin' Poison Ivy post I mentioned the pursuit of a 'Batman and Robin' Batgirl action figure that led me to a cheap eBay lot I couldn't resist.

As mentioned, the lot did include the Batgirl I was after, as well as a few figures I wasn't after or even aware of, all for cheaper than most sellers were asking for Batgirl alone!

I will cover the sought after Batgirl in a later post; Today's post covers one of the figures (and vehicles) I didn't even know existed!

Batgirl and her Batcycle!

Or more accurately, and in keeping with the frozen theme of the movie that inspired it: her 'Ice-Strike Cycle' with 'snow assault mode and razor wheel launcher.' Groovy!

Remember when toys had awesome hand-rendered illustrations on the packaging? Those were good times.

This Batcycle is actually pretty cool. I've seen far worse, and if it were black it would be perfect. It's pretty accurate to what I recall Batgirl riding in the movie (and no, I am not going to review the movie to be sure.) It even has 'studs' molded on the tires for ice-gripping traction!

The batwings fold up and down which is pretty cool too, and the front wheel had a disc launching attachment that can be removed. What's nice about the launcher is that when it is attached it doesn't distract or take away from the bike's overall design.

Surprisingly, Batgirl is a decent figure too. I'd prefer darker colors of course, but at least she isn't sporting neon colors, right?

The helmet/cowl is pretty keen with that mean looking visor.

And her cloth cape flows nicely over her rear...I mean the rear of the motorcycle.

The figure is sculpted to sit well on the bike and grip the handlebars at the same time, without being bowlegged when standing off the bike. That's good toy design.

While certainly not the best Batgirl action figure around this one did surprise me, turning out to be a pretty fun little toy and a cool addition to Bubba's batcave.

'Eat your heart out, George Clooney!'

Finally, here's a look at the back of the packaging. I'm really glad to have rediscovered some of these toys lately.

While the movie was an atrocity and totally turned me off from seeking any of these out when it was released, thanks to Bane I have a new found appreciation for the toys after all these years. And since no one else cared about the movie either, with a little patience they can be found for pretty cheap!

That said, I am pretty sure I have all the figures I want from this series now, thanks to this awesome eBay win! Stay tuned to Toyriffic for the Batgirl that had me seeking it all out to begin with to find out if she was worth it!


  1. Ohn yeah- she's REALLY cool (pun intended)! I didn't even know about these until you pointed them out, now i see them on eBay a lot. GREAT score- MORE! MORE!

  2. She looks like Space Officer Mendora from Thundercats lol.

  3. This motorcycle create a minor buzz recently when it showed up in pre-production photos with Mattel's new Batman Legacy Series 2 Batgirl. People were talking about it mostly because it's an old Kenner mold (Kenner is now owned by Hasbro), but it was shown as a Mattel product:::: http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=10&itemid=17375

  4. That's interesting, MolarLion - I wonder if Hasbro has intentions of re-release? Thanks for the heads up!