This just in: Mattel desn't hate us!

Well that's not true, I am sure Mattel still hates us - which will be revealed by the distribution, availability, quality and price of the Miss Martian action figure (which comes in a two pack with Martian Manhunter, natch.)

But the important truth is, everyone's favorite green teen Miss Martian will be getting an action figure soon in the Young Justice toyline!


Go find out more at Action Figure Times!


  1. that is good news- would still like to see a 6 incher... ....i'm sure Miss Martian would, too :D

  2. HEY! There's only room for one smartass on this blog! ;)

  3. Kinda?!?

    Either way, we have been on then look out for YJ figs since my boy stumbled across the first four at a Target while on vacation this summer. Haven't seen a single figure in Vermont yet.