Little Green Skater Men

I recently spotted these cool new toy Skateboarders over at Dan's Toy Museum and simply had to get my hands on some of my own!

Little Green Army Men meets your local skate park. The Original AJ's Toy Boarders Skate Series One:

Each pack contains 24 little monochrome plastic skaters in eight different styles. If I was still in school I would totally be bringing these guys in my pockets and playing with them when I wasn't supposed to be.

Here's a look at all eight together.

The back of the card smartly informs you of who is who/who is doing what. Keen!

Let's look at each one individually, shall we?


'Tail Grab'

'Nose Grab'

'Cruising 2'


'Cruising 1'


and last but not least: 'Pushing.'



Simple and fun and ready for your imagination to take over, these little green skater dudes are a great toy for anyone. Sometimes simple is better, and there's something just 'right' about the simple cast plastic figurine that kids today may be missing out on.

Get some of these to remind yourself and enlighten your kids.

My only complaint is that there are no girls in the series, but according to the creator of these guys, future series will include girl skaters!

There are also plans for future waves of surfers and snowboarders!

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/AJsToyBoarders and get some of your own at http://www.toyboarders.com/


  1. I remember Dan showing these and i thought they were a fun ideal. I bet your daughter will love playing with these.