Lego Minifigures Series 7 Coming Soon!

Lego minifigures blind bagged Series 7 is due to begin hitting stores this May!

This release boasts some pretty awesome brick creations: Tarzan, the black Knight, Jem, Neptune, and Brünnhilde top my 'wants' list.

Also included in this release are a nerd, a bride, a daredevil, a person in a bunny suit, an Olympic swimmer, a tennis player, an Aztec warrior, a bagpiper, a Halo dude, a hippie, and Red Riding Hood.

Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait to start squeezing packages again!


  1. There are about 6 am interested in....King Neptune,Bagpipe Player,Space Marine/Halo Dude,Daredevil,Tarzan and Aztec Warrior.

  2. I kinda want them all. I really want this wave but if I didn't get the swimmer or tennis player I'd be ok with it.