Harley Qwednesday :: JLU Harley Quinn

In addition to the original (and still best) Batman Animated Harley Quinn action figure released in 1997, Mattel put out a Bruce Timm style Harley Quinn in the JLU line over a decade later as part of an online exclusive Bat villain themed four pack.

A great figure to be sure, with crisper facial features and paint apps than the original, but the static pose as well as the painted-on standard female JLU body type (as opposed to the unique and sculpted details of the Kenner version) leave me preferring the old Kenner release, which had far more personality.

Regardless, when the opportunity arose to add this beauty into my collection for cheap I jumped at the chance! One can never have too much Harley!

I think she's about the same height as the Kenner version - I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison as soon as I unpack my original Harley (which is currently boxed up as we move house!)

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  1. Never knew they made one for the JLU line very cool.