My name is Mud

And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum.'

Actually his name isn't mud, it's Clayface, and he comes with a muddy Batman and a bat-missile launcher in this new little Fisher-Price Trio building blocks playset.

I have seen these Trio playsets around for a while now but wasn't particularly impressed at first and didn't plan on getting any of them.

They've got all sorts of neat figures and vehicles and playsets in the Batman line, and are releasing a bunch of Green Lantern stuff now too (including, of all things, a Red Lantern Atrocitus Battle Cruiser set!) Of course I only care about the Batman stuff, and I didn't even consider getting into it until I saw Clayface. Now I'm hooked!

These are cute little inexpensive sets with unique little figures that connect to the Trio blocks. This set comes with a mud splattered Batman. Or Batman after his birthday cake and chocolate ice cream has been gobbled up.

And of course Clayface. I had to have him; he looks like he'll fit right in with Lego mini-figures!

I didn't like the 'standard' Trio figures at first, but their design has grown on me now that I have a Batman. I'll probably get a few more, like Robin and of course any female characters they make in the future (IF that ever happens!) In the meantime, my muddy Batman waits vigilantly for signs of no-goodniks.

Clayface looks right at home next to Lego mini-figures, so he's currently my go-to shape-shifter in all my Lego adventures!

These little Trio figure sets are cute and fun, and it's always a pleasant surprise to find a character like Clayface representing. I think this set was about $7.99 or so at Toys R Us. Not bad for two figures and a useable accessory!


  1. those are pretty cute, and DO fit in well with the Lego stuff

  2. I love that Clayface he is so happy like a little mud pie.

  3. These little guys have such great paint jobs.Love the glossy finish!

  4. I fell in love with Clayface immediately :) that is just AWESOME! thanks for sharing