K'Nex Angry Bird blind bags have (crash) landed!

I didn't initially think I would get any of these. They are cute and all, and everyone loves playing Angry Birds, but with so many blind bagged toys to choose from nowadays, I just didn't think I'd care.

But when I discovered there was a code break over at Raving Toy Maniac (via Battlegrip) AND a BOGO 40% off sale at Toys R Us, I decided to take one for the Toyriffic Team. That 'team' would be the Toyriffic Terrors, by the way.)

Based on the code breaker, I aimed my hunt directly at Space Red Bird. Because he has some cool eighties punk glasses. Or maybe because he reminds me of Robin.


I blindly picked a second pack for the fun of a random find (since the Space Red Bird was really the only must-have I decided I, well, must-have) and ended up with a frozen Pig with helmet.

Cool, a good guy and a bad guy! I'll let you decide which is which.

These blind bagged figures are of course designed to supplement the K'Nex Angry Bird building sets, which include a slingshot to launch the birds. Therefore the bird figures are designed with a connection slot on their backs to fit the slingshots. Conversely, the pigs are designed to attach to a base or structure. The bird is mostly a hard rubber 'shell' around a plastic 'core.,' while the pig is designed via your standard build toy type plastic construction. The bird is two halves clamped together and that's pretty much it, but the pig can be built and deconstructed to your heart's content.

Also, his helmet is removable, which is pretty neat.

Each one came with the same 'accessory,' an egg with an antenna. I didn't photograph them because they are kinda stupid but you can see them in the checklist above.

These figures (if you can call them that) do make for fun desk-dressing though; the Pig will join King Koopa and Donkey Kong as another video game villain amongst their ranks: here's hoping for some Pac-Man ghosts when Wreck-it Ralph comes out and (hopefully) toys of Q-Bert and Pac-Man and other eighties video game heroes and villains.

Next on my Angry Birds must-have list: the Hot Wheels Angry Bird Cars. Yes, you heard me right. Stay tuned!

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