Angry Hot Wheels Birds

As I mentioned on my K'Nex Blind Bagged Angry Birds post, I was expecting the Hot Wheels Angry Bird to hit soon.

Well, it didn't take long for me to find one!

This is the Hot Wheels Red Bird (not to be confused with the Redbird,) a 2012 New Model - #47/50.

Red Bird is a nice solid, heavy car. The red part is all die-cast. I just might have to use this guy in the next family Pinks race, which will probably take place around Thanksgiving.

A minion pig car is due out soon as well. Perfect for those crash-up derbys, Hot Wheels and Angry Birds style!


  1. I saw a whole track set with the Angry Birds the other day and thought it was neat.

  2. My kids would throw that across the room as soon as it broke free from the packaging. I'll pass. ;)

    1. I imagine that will be a common occurrence across the world with this car!

  3. I don´t get the concept of the angry birds. I do see the results though. Everyday my car has pigeonpoop on it.